Take sanding and finishing projects to the next level

Mirka Gold is a durable product very well suited for sanding at high speeds. Gold is an all-round sanding material that can be used for many purposes. In order to achieve an optimal sanding result, the semi-open grit binding and special stearate coating are designed to prevent clogging and pill forming. The Mirka Gold 5 in. PSA Disc is one of the most popular sanding discs available from Beaver Tools.

Here is what a current user of the product had to say: “These discs do a wonderful job of finishing off my projects for staining. I use these on reclaimed wood that I’ve already sanded down using the Mirka 100 grit discs. I then transition from the 100s to these 220s, and they do a wonderful job. I used to finish my projects off with 180 grit discs that I would get at a big box store, but the 220 grit really takes the post-staining appearance to another level. I switched to these 220s after using a couple different brands of the same grit, and I highly recommend these over the other brands.”
Along with the solid bottom sanding discs, Mirka also has a huge selection of their NET Abrasives that have dust holes to collect the dust in from your sander to your dust collection system. A great combo that is very popular is the Mirka 5″ DEROS 550X CV Vacuum Orbit paired with the Mirka Dust Extractor to keep your work area clean. This industrial vacuum cleaner is designed for dust-free sanding in combination with both electric and pneumatic machines, hand-sanding blocks, and the Mirka Deco Sander. The vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning workrooms. The vacuum cleaner has adjustable suction and automatic electric start. The hose connection is earthed in order to eliminate static electricity in the hose. The fine dust that is produced when sanding is the most dangerous dust in a shop, so using a sander with a dust extraction is a great way to keep the dust off of your work surface and out of your lungs.

The Mirka exclusive Abranet sanding pads are changing sanding completely. Abranet® is an innovative abrasive that reduces dust from the sanding process entering the atmosphere to practically nothing. It has been developed for sanding of fillers, primers, topcoats and clear coats. It is also excellent for sanding of composites, soft aluminum, soft wood, gypsum wallboards and MDF boards, minimizing spreading of hazardous dust. The secret behind Abranet® is a sanding surface with thousands of small holes. The distance from each abrasive grit to the nearest dust collection point is only half a millimeter, offering extremely efficient dust extraction from the entire surface of the product. Dust-free sanding greatly reduces the risk of surface damage from recirculating dust particles and loose grit. Because dust and debris particles are removed from between the disc and the sanded surface, the formation of dust “pills” is minimized. Pilling leads to defects in the sanded surface which show up in the subsequent coating. Abranet® also solves the problem of surface loading and caking, which traditionally reduces the performance of the abrasive.

Here is a link to a detailed summary of the abrasives Mirka offers for each application. Check out the Mirka Breakdown.

Whether you are need abrasives for automotive finishing, wood finishing, metal, marine, Mirka has sanders and abrasive for every application. You can check out the entire line of Mirka products at Mirka-Online.com

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